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18/11 1985, Czech Republic, Prague

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Letní hokej / Off Sides


Posters for documentary film directed
by Rozálie Kohoutová and Tomáš Bojar.

Story of two ice-hockey matches between Moroccan and Czech teenage teams. A meeting of two different cultures – both on and off ice-rink.

Two poster graphic versions

- The one for the Festivals, displays Maroccan hokey as surreal as the fata morgana effect in a desert

- The Czech distribution version shows the surprising combination of items inside of a suitcase, packed for a journey to Morocco

Cooperation with photographer Jáchym Kliment


Meetfactory Summer Cinema


Graphic concept for summer cinema in culture centre Meetfactory, Prague.

Concept of highway signs plays with the fact that the cinema is situated under highway bridge and works with industrial atmosphere of the place.

Práce / Work


Posters for experimental theatre play,

cooperation with Anežka Kalivodová

Typo anatomy


Levels of free font,

hand drawing and digital coloring

Vložte kočku

2008 - 2010

Posters for Czech experimental electro band Vložte kočku (Insert the Cat)

Maškarní disco bál
/ Masquerade Disco Party

2005 - 2017

Posters for masquerade dance party I organize for my b-days

Kraví večírek / Cow party


Poster for art festival of my friends in Únětice village near Prague.

In my life


Retrospective of my life work,

workshop with Klára Kvízová, ReDesign

Sketa, Archys, Body Husk

2003 - 2008

T-shirt designs for independent street-wear companies

Free graphics

2003 - 2008

digital collages

Graduation final battle


Poster for graduation party,

College and Secondary Art School of Vaclav Hollar.

True colored pictures of our head teachers.

Cooperation with Vojta Emler